At Homes2gardens, we understand that your garden is part of your home, and we help make it an extension of your living space. We offer landscaping, garden design, and many other services to improve your outdoor space, and offer a one-stop service to make life easier. You simply get in touch with us, choose a design, and relax as we get to work on your garden. You end up with a professionally landscaped garden that’s ideal for your lifestyle, and doesn’t need constant maintenance.

Garden overhauls

Homes2gardens are often contacted by people who need a complete overhaul of their garden. They may have found that their garden has become overgrown and unmanageable, perhaps needing professional gardening equipment to clear, or they may have moved to a new property and found the garden is a tangled mess. Either way, we can come round and survey your garden, then offer plans to overhaul the space.

Design services

We have a team of specialist garden designers who draw up garden plans for the gardeners to work on. Garden design is a real art, and involves balancing the practical with what looks good. Many clients will want a certain look or certain features, but maybe don’t realise how complicated maintenance would be, or that it wouldn’t work with their space. Homes2gardens always give an honest opinion about what will and won’t work, and can make suggestions of changes that might need to be made.

Adding interesting features

Homes2gardens want to make your garden as pleasant as possible, and to make it a space you’ll use all year round. We can achieve this by adding certain features, and this could include an outdoor living area, sheltered areas, patio heaters, BBQ ovens, or even pizza ovens. The idea is to turn them into an extension of your home, and to be able to enjoy them daily, no matter what the British weather has in store.

Full gardening service

Once your garden has been designed, you want to be sure every single job is carried out, so you don’t have to find multiple contractors. By using Homes2gardens, you can be sure that any wiring of lights, installation of water features, or building work will be carried out by the experts. We ensure plants are put in, lawns are mowed, and everything is left in excellent condition. At the end of each project, we clear the gardens of debris and excess mud, so you can start enjoying your garden right away.

If you want to give your garden a complete makeover, or just want to change a few elements, then Homes2gardens are the best company to speak to. We’ve got several years of experience when it comes to creating spectacular gardens, and are just bursting with ideas and creativity to improve your outdoor space. A good garden can help increase your home’s value, give you a place to relax, and much more. Simply pick up the phone and we’ll get started on your project.